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February 23, 2016




Is Negative Thinking Ruining Your Life?






Negative thoughts seem to go round and round in your head...Your head feels busy, fuzzy and you can't think straight. If anxiety and negativity seem relentless and you feel trapped in a cycle of tiring and hopeless thoughts, you can do something about it.


Recognise the thoughts

If we pretend anxious thoughts are not there, they will simply continue to remind us that they are - they are vigilant, obsessive and encourage even more negativity. So, turn things around - notice your anxious thoughts. Just like someone who annoys you constantly - tell them, acknowledge them and they might just go away. Ignore them, and you accentuate the need to annoy you!


Acknowledge them

After recognising them, we can notice them. Just an acknowledgement that you know they're there - you don't have to agree with them.


Classify them

Are they really that big? Are they that small that you can tell them they mean nothing in the grand scheme of things? You have the ability to sort them out - important vs unimportant - big or small.


Once you've sorted them out, you can fill the new space in your brain with lovely thoughts. What's been good about your week? Small things are enough to start creating new patterns in your brain. For example, if you sat for 5 minutes in total silence and relaxed yourself from head to toe before enjoying a cup of tea in the peace and quiet, recognise this as a good thing in your week.

If you had 10 minutes without the kids knocking the door whilst you were in the bath - recognise this as a positive - and focus on other small positives.

Baby steps are all we need to set us on the path of freedom from negative thinking.


Hypnosis can help you to change your thoughts, feelings and emotions and get the ball rolling for the above. You have the ability to transform your life.


If you'd like to know more, contact Stephanie at Birmingham Hypnotherapy Experts - message or call 07873227455


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