No More Fear of Flying!

August 13, 2016

The following statements were made by some of my former clients - before Hypnotherapy.

"I get anxious straight after booking my holiday, knowing I have to fly is awful"

"I think I'm going to die on the flight, the plane will fall out the sky"

"It's a nightmare from start to finish, I feel hot, sweaty and my heart feels like it's coming out of my chest"

"I enjoy the first couple of days of my holiday, then I think about the flight home and I start to panic again!"

If you can relate to this, you know that friends and family try and help the situation by saying things like this:

'Air travel is one of the safest forms of travel.'
'The chances of a flight going horribly wrong is extremely rare.'
'Turbulence is completely normal'
'Pilots go through such thorough training, they know what they're doing!'

Unfortunately, telling someone with a flying phobia the above information is a bit like using a chocolate teapot.

Once a person experiences anxiety and fear surrounding flying, they can't be reasoned with - and I know this from personal experience.

But what helped me and many of my clients? - Hypnotherapy.

Under normal circumstances, fear triggers a natural fight or flight response - which allows us to react quickly to threats in our environment. However, irrational and excessive fear is typically a maladaptive behaviour, meaning it interferes with everyday life.
The formation of a flying phobia is associated with an environmental component - for example, you may have experienced a particularly turbulent flight or simply watching an airplane crash on the news may trigger a fear of flying, as could listening to horror stories about flights.

It is comforting to know, though, that we can do something about this phobia. And it only takes 3 sessions of hypnotherapy. Essentially, we remove the emotional fear response in relation to your thoughts around flying and we use the power of your brain to associate flying with a pleasant, calm and relaxed environment  - flying is no longer a problem!

Some clients have said 'It won't work on me' or 'I'm really sceptical' - yet these people now fly with confidence.

If you'd like to be that person who enjoys their holiday from the word GO, then get in touch today to book a free initial consultation on 07873 227455 .

You really can have the holiday you deserve.



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