Are You Heading For a Burnout?

March 3, 2017

You're exhausted. Everything seems hard work. You aren't contacting friends as often as you'd like, you'd rather spend an evening on the sofa than out on the town and you're shattered even after a full nights' sleep. You worry about everything, you panic when things aren't 'just right' and you feel like you haven't had breathing space in ages. Sound familiar? If it does, you could be heading for a burnout.


When demands pile up, either at work or at home, we can feel overwhelmed. If it's work related, we could feel as though pressure is piling up, passion for the job has dissipated and all laughter and happiness at work has been sucked away. Without realising it, you can become negative and cynical - something you're just not used to!

Chronic stress, negativity, tearful moments and over-analysis can feel alien yet feel like the only coping mechanism you know right now - but it can also lead to mistakes, arguments and impact on other areas of your life. Your fuse becomes short and your tolerance level decreases - and this can ultimately affect your physical health too. 

If you get anxious on a Sunday night at the mere thought of the ever looming alarm on a Monday morning signalling it's time to get ready for work, chances are, without prompting change, the situation won't improve.

About 40% of people have sought help for stress and anxiety and over 70% of these have had a panic attack. 


Burnout is a fraught experience - so what's the solution?


- Is a frank talk with your manager going to be enough action?

- Write down what you want from your job, is it satisfying you enough to stay?

- What methods can you use to de-stress? (e.g. go for a massage, reach out to a friend, see a film at the cinema you've been dying to see)

- Realise that you're not alone. There is help out there. You don't have to do everything by yourself.

- Do not neglect yourself mentally or physically - do your hair, wear the make-up, wear those nice clothes.


Don't become a shadow of your former self and seek help today. Call Stephanie on 07873 227455 or Email to book a free initial consultation and find out how she can help you.



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Are You Heading For a Burnout?

March 3, 2017